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Strengthening the Family through the Word and Work of the LORD

Blessings Beloved,

Welcome to the exciting ministry of



Celebrating over 20 years of Ministry

VISION - We at Christ's Ambassadors of Reconciliation and Evangelism (C.A.R.E.) Ministries, Inc. believe that the family was formed by God beginning with one person at a time. Thus, we believe that in order to strengthen the family we must minister to the family through the word and the work of the LORD. Everyone is connected to a family; be it biological, church, community, work, etc. So whatever family you belong to, know that God loves and cares for you. Bishop Charles V. Singletary, Lady Mabel E. Singletary and we at C.A.R.E. Ministries also love and care for you.

MISSION - Here at C.A.R.E. MINISTRIES, INC., we are committed to providing a Christ centered holistic approach in "Strengthening the Family" through the word and the work of the Lord.

OBJECTIVE - C.A.R.E.: 1) encourages and inspires families to strengthen their relationship with God and each other; 2) assists individuals and families by identifying families and individuals in need who would be blessed by the resources of C.A.R.E. irrespective of race, religion, color, ethnicity, gender, age, language, or condition of disability; and 3) collaborates with churches, ministries, organizations and businesses supportive of the mission of C.A.R.E..

OUR FOUNDATIONAL SCRIPTURES - are (Eph. 3:14-21 and 2 Cor. 5:14-21)

OUR GOAL- To help you become a better you through providing healing (prayer and pastoral care), help (provision) and hope (partnership).


  • Organized and conducted several City wide Crusades and Revivals where people committed their lives to Christ and families were strengthened
  • Pastoral Care Services to over 1,000 Families
  • Fed over 1,500 families with C.A.R.E. Packages
  • Provided clothing to many families, churches and ministries home and abroad through donations from the NYC Garment Industry
  • Provided visitation and gifts to over 500 Senior Citizens
  • Provided book bags filled with school supplies to Elementary School students
  • Provided toys to over 500 children
  • Assisted families through Benevolence Ministry
  • Domestic and Foreign Missions Outreach
  • Partnering with community Churches and Ministries to provide social, inspirational and life transforming services
  • Strengthening the Family weekly Radio Broadcast on Sunday, 7:30 AM on Harvest Radio - WKMB 1070 AM. and 100.7 FM. Also, on the TAPONRADIO.COM (Listen Live)

We invite you to continue viewing this site and allow God to transform your life through our various family, community and world wide outreach ministries.

We thank you in advance for becoming an Ambassador partner with C.A.R.E. through your prayerful and financial support.

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Thank you and God Bless You!